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For each course you complete - you will get a verifiable certificate which you can add to your LinkedIn profile and also share with colleagues and prospective employers.

At TetraTutorials, we have a huge library of cutting-edge, in-demand courses on skills like Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, BlockChain, OpenStack, ELK, AWS, Azure and more. These are the skills which companies across the globe are desperate to hire for. Not only that, we have over 100+ courses in the pipeline, all are very much in-demand, well-researched courses and are full of value.

We have been in the technology sector for more than 20 years, and we have worked with numerous startups, Fortune 100 companies, and government organizations.

No matter what is your current skill set is, our courses are crafted perfectly for you to catch up immediately and grow. We have designed the platform in a way that if you stay with us, you’ll learn new things every week, every month and eventually you will get ahead of the competition, raking in big money. That is the true power of knowledge.

We have come up with a plan to contribute to the software and IT community. We are giving access to the entire collection of these premium courses worth $3500+ for a simple monthly payment.

We believe, learning should be constant, so we will keep adding new content on regular basis. And for less than $1 a day (which is next to nothing), you can access everything on this platform, and learn constantly.

Just like you eat, breath and drink every day to live - here is your chance to keep learning every day to grow and progress in your career.

Cloud computing, DevOps, Machine Learning, Mobile Programming are only some of the paradigm shifts the software and IT industry has experienced over the past decade.
As if we did not have enough to learn, new exciting technologies like Deep Learning, BlockChain, Computer Vision and so on are already on the rise.

Why are these technologies becoming so popular?

The reason is simple - these technologies enable startups and companies to bring new innovative ideas and products to market quickly and efficiently.

  • Things which used to be part of science fiction are real today
  • Cars can drive themselves
  • Computers can play and beat humans at complex games
  • Software gets built and deployed within minutes instead of weeks or months
  • If you need to deploy new server infrastructure - you can spin a new cluster in minutes
  • Your data which lives in the cloud is accessible anywhere
  • And many other compelling reasons....

These are only some of the technologies which are reshaping the way we live and work. DropBox, Google Drive, iCloud, Office 365 have become an essential part of our life. Companies are using DevOps practices to churn out products and services faster. They are using machine learning to optimize our experience.

We use these products and services every day - in our daily lives, careers, and businesses. From storing selfies and images in the cloud; our emails in Gmail, our bank records, health records, our business data, files all live in the cloud. Even at this moment, you are most likely watching this video streaming from a virtual server deployed in the cloud somewhere.

These skills are the most highly demanded skills across the world. Just look at these amazing numbers to comprehend the opportunity in front of you:

Just look at these amazing numbers:

  • Cloud computing is projected to increase from $67B in 2015 to $162B by 2020 attaining a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 19%.
  • Gartner predicts the worldwide public cloud services market will grow 18% in 2017 to $246.8B, up from $209.2B in 2016.
  • Cloud computing has generated 18,200,000 jobs so far and this is just the beginning.
  • Forbes put the median salary for cloud computing jobs at $124,300 in 2016.
  • Machine learning is one of the most sought-after skills of 2018. It has been estimated that by 2019, approximately 3 million people across the world will have a ‘Robo Boss’.
  • Global BlockChain market to be $20 billion worth by 2024.
  • According to respect job sites the engineers with DevOps Engineer as their title make more than $120K a year on average

Simply put, there’s a massive opportunity for people like you to equip yourself with the right skillset so that you can:

  • Join talent-hungry tech companies and be at the forefront of global innovation
  • Launch unique businesses or services for the next generation
  • Enjoy plush paying cool projects
Whatever your choice may be, these latest and greatest technologies are going to be YOUR KEY to financial success and growth and for the success of the community as a whole!

Now look at these figures:

  • 4.7% population in the US is unemployed
  • 14% of the US population is underemployed
  • The rate of unemployment stands at 6.6% in Canada
  • A whopping 40% of the young Canadian graduates are overqualified for the jobs they are handling
You can ride this wave of technological advancement by learning the skills that are “in demand” and paying well.

We know what you’re thinking… “But don’t these pioneering companies and exciting tech startups need a college degree or certifications to even get my foot in the door?” - not quite. Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, said during an interview “There’s no need to even have a degree at all, or even high school certificate...if there’s a track record of exceptional ability”....skill trumps credentials.

The challenge is - where do you learn these skills? Not everyone has the 7+ years to get a Ph.D. in computer science or the patience to self-teach from scattered sources and dense textbooks, not to forget the bank-busting financial investment!. It is about time that the world gets an access to these valuable skills and we need it NOW!

  • Complete beginner to expert skills – These courses do not assume any prior expertise in the topic that you are trying to learn. We give you step by step instructions and in fact, we hand hold you through all the exercises together with you. So you can follow along and understand exactly how these technologies come together and what each step means.
  • Practical demo tutorials – Where most courses simply bombard you with dense theory and set you on your way, we believe in developing a deep understanding of not only what you’re doing, but why you’re doing it. That’s why we focus on building up your understanding of the inner working of the tool or framework for infinitely better results down the line.
  • Real-world knowledge – We work with real startups and real projects every day. We know first hand the problems engineers and architects face on daily basis. All this real-world experience is passed on to you in the courses. Each module comprises of in-depth demos and walk-throughs, meaning you’ll garner enough skill to build your own software product or service adaptable to any environment, rather than just passing a glorified memory “test and forget” like most other courses. Practice truly does make perfect.
  • Student support – We’re fully committed to making these the most accessible and results-driven courses on the planet. So we are there for our students whenever you need our help. You can contact us any ask any question at any time - you’ll get a response from us within 48 hours.

  • What if I don’t have any need for these skills right now? - As the statistics and figures show - these skills rapidly expanding into our lives each and every day, meaning even though you may not be directly using cloud computing right now, sooner or later you will run into it inevitably. Can you imagine when Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity and people around him ignored it as an irrelevant phenomenon - how much the world will be missing out on? Same thing goes for tech – you would have been puzzled by the need for a “Smartphone” ten years ago, yet now we can’t imagine our lives without one. The true potential only becomes apparent in time, do you want to risk missing out?
  • Is it too difficult for me to understand? - Not at all. We’ll take you step by step from a novice level to an expert software or IT architect. We work as technology leaders and mentors to several engineers every day. We know how to explain things and use the lingo. We just choose to teach in ways that are a lot more fun (and less headache-inducing). With these courses, you’ll be able to implement complex software/IT solutions and infrastructure in your project, business or career and achieve amazing results.
  • I’ve seen other courses charge for a certificate, is this course the same? - We don’t believe in charging hundreds of dollars just for a certificate of completion. As we stated above real world experience is much more valuable than certificates alone.
  • I’ve already done similar courses, will this courses still benefit me? - These skills are ever changing and technology itself is a vast and complex topic. We strive to bring latest and greatest technologies for your benefit. We continuously add new courses and update the existing ones. Rest assured you will not run out of new things to learn.
  • I am not an engineer, will this course still benefit me? - Whether you are a startup founder, a product manager or a project manager - it is quite likely that your organization is already using or will be using these cutting edge technologies. Going through these courses will give you a deeper understanding about how your engineering team is using the tools and frameworks required to build complex solutions. You will be able to discuss the pros and cons of their technical approach with higher confidence.

Your Instructor

Manuj Aggarwal
Manuj Aggarwal

I'm an entrepreneur, investor and a technology enthusiast. I like startups, business ideas, and high-tech anything. I like to work on hard problems and get my hands dirty with cutting edge technologies. In the last few years, I've been a business owner, technical architect, CTO, coder, startup consultant, and more.

Currently, I am the principal consultant, architect and CTO of a software consulting company TetraNoodle Technologies based in Vancouver, Canada. We work with various startups on some cutting edge and interesting problems. Whether it is ideation and refining of your startup idea or building a dream team to execute on the idea - we provide a diverse set of solutions which help these startups succeed in their plans.

I have been in the software industry since 1997 and I have worked with early stage businesses to Fortune 100 mega corporations.

With proficiency in creating innovative architectures and solutions, I have emerged as a professional who knows how to balance these solutions against cost, schedule, function, quality, and other business considerations.

I am passionate about sharing all my knowledge that I have acquired over the years. I am particularly interested in helping technical and non-technical entrepreneurs, founders and co-founders of tech startups. I will strive to bring courses which provide practical know-how and advice about designing, architecting, optimizing and executing on your next big idea.

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Courses Included with Purchase

Azure Crash Course: Manage Azure Cloud With ARM Templates
Automate management and deployment of Azure cloud resources using Azure resource manager and ARM templates
Manuj Aggarwal
OpenStack: An Introduction to Cloud Computing and OpenStack
OpenStack: Overview of Cloud Computing, Infrastructure As A Service (IaaS) and OpenStack
Manuj Aggarwal
Crash Course: Manage Network Security With pfSense Firewall
Use an open source firewall to protect your network. Use features like Failover, Load Balancer, OpenVPN, IPSec, Squid
Manuj Aggarwal
Introduction to Evolution of Software Development, Containerization and Docker
Learn skills with rising demand. Learn about evolution of software, containers and Docker. Install and run Docker.
Manuj Aggarwal
AWS MasterClass: Docker Containers In The Cloud With AWS ECS
Run and Manage Docker Containers in the cloud with AWS ECS. Integrate AWS ECS with other AWS services and Jenkins
Manuj Aggarwal
2 payments of $100/m
Cloud/DevOs Engineer: Docker, Apache Mesos & DCOS: Run and manage you own IaaS cloud datacenter
Learn skills with rising demand. Run your own cloud with Apache Mesos, Docker and DCOS - the datacenter OS
Manuj Aggarwal
Cloud/DevOps Engineer: Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery with AWS CodePipeline, Jenkins and AWS CodeDeploy
Learn DevOps skills with rising demand. Continuous delivery - AWS CodePipeline, CodeDeploy & Jenkins.
Manuj Aggarwal
Cloud Engineer: OpenStack: Install, Build and Run IaaS Cloud with Open Stack
OpenStack: Learn sought after skills with rising demand. Build your own IaaS with OpenStack!
Manuj Aggarwal
Web Developer: Joomla - Learn How to Build a Website with CMS
Learn how to build websites using Joomla CMS. Run your own blog or corporate website. No coding experience needed!
Manuj Aggarwal
Architect Android apps with Model View Presenter pattern, Dagger, Retrofit & RxJava
Learn software architecture skills. Build apps with Model-View-Presenter pattern. Make apps more robust and fun.
Manuj Aggarwal
DevOps Engineer: TeamCity - Continuous Integration & DevOps with Java and .NET
Teamcity: Learn sought after skills with rising demand. Streamline software builds with JetBrains Teamcity.
Manuj Aggarwal
DevOps Engineer: Jenkins - Learn Continuous Integration, DevOps with Jenkins
Jenkins: Learn continuous integration and DevOps for real world projects. Streamline software builds with Jenkins.
Manuj Aggarwal
ElasticSearch, LogStash, Kibana (the ELK Stack) # 1 - Learn all about ElasticSearch search server
Learn software skills with rising demand. ElasticSearch is a core component of ELK stack and an excellent search server
Manuj Aggarwal
ElasticSearch, LogStash, Kibana (the ELK Stack) # 2 - Learn all about LogStash data ingestion tool
Learn software skills with rising demand. LogStash is a core component of ELK stack and a data ingestion tool
Manuj Aggarwal
ElasticSearch, LogStash, Kibana (the ELK Stack) # 3 - Learn all about Kibana visualization tool
Learn software skills with rising demand. Kibana is a core component of ELK stack and a data visualization tool
Manuj Aggarwal
Cloud Engineer: Apache CloudStack - Install, Build and Run IaaS Cloud
Apache CloudStack: Learn sought after skills with rising demand. Build your own IaaS with Apache CloudStack!
Manuj Aggarwal
Security Analyst: Manage Network Security With pfSense Firewall
Use an open source firewall to protect your network. Use features like Failover, Load Balancer, OpenVPN, IPSec, Squid
Manuj Aggarwal
AWS Storage and CDN Services - S3, EBS, EFS, CloudFront
Learn skills with rising demand. Cloud computing and storage and CDN services in AWS - S3, EBS, EFS, CloudFront
Manuj Aggarwal
AWS Monitoring & Alerting with AWS CloudWatch and AWS SNS
Learn monitoring and alerting services on AWS. Use AWS CloudWatch and SNS to keep a close eye on your AWS cloud.
Manuj Aggarwal
AWS MasterClass: DevOps with AWS Command Line Interface (CLI)
Learn AWS Command Line Interface to manage your AWS cloud resources. Use AWS CLI to automate your AWS cloud services.
Manuj Aggarwal
DevOps: CI/CD with Jenkins pipelines, Maven, Gradle
Build continuous integration, continuous delivery and DevOps pipelines with Java, Gradle, Maven, Artifactory & Sqitch.
Manuj Aggarwal
Machine Learning In The Cloud With Azure Machine Learning
Introduction to machine learning in the cloud with Azure Machine Learning.
Manuj Aggarwal
AWS MasterClass: Networking And Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
Learn about the core networking components of AWS cloud. Go behind the scenes and understand the inner working of AWS.
Manuj Aggarwal
AWS Master Class: Databases In The Cloud With AWS RDS
Learn how to plan, deploy and operate a high available and scalable mySQL database in the cloud with AWS RDS
Manuj Aggarwal
DevOps Engineer: Automate your Infrastructure Using Ansible and IaC
Use Ansible tasks, modules and playbooks. Deploy, configure and manage your infrastructure w/ Infrastructure as code IaC
Manuj Aggarwal
Azure MasterClass: Manage Azure Cloud with ARM Templates
Automate management and deployment of Azure cloud resources using Azure resource manager and ARM templates
Manuj Aggarwal

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